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Believe it or not, fitness wasn’t really my thing in the beginning. It always looked like a tiring ordeal that I had no time for. However, soon I came to realize how much health and fitness can contribute to having good mental health as well, and that became the main motivating factor that got me into sports and fitness. Ever since then, it has become a big part of my life. Today, I am a fitness trainer and sports enthusiast who aspires to promote this type of lifestyle to readers.

Many people work out with the intention of looking better. While these great results are brought on by living a healthy lifestyle, mental health is also a contributing factor to making you feel and look better, which not many people understand. I experienced this first-hand. I was overweight as a kid and was always deeply insecure and anxious about how others perceived me. I also had minor depressive episodes from time to time, and I would isolate myself socially. When I finally did start to put some work into my physical health, the improvement in my mood and state of mind was quite evident. Sure, I was getting in shape, which was great, but I was feeling also confident and satisfied with myself after a long relationship with my weight. Now, I am aware that this isn’t for everyone, and that your value in life should not be based on your weight and physical appearance. The idea of this blog is to help you live a healthy lifestyle – that doesn’t mean you need to be a certain size to be healthy, but that you are eating well and are comfortable in yourself.

So, rest assured, I am not here to bore you with lectures on fitness and tell you that you need to look a certain way to have “achieved” a healthy lifestyle, but just to share my own experience and knowledge. In this blog, I hope to spread awareness about the lesser-known (and more appealing, in my opinion) benefits of fitness, and how you can lead a healthier lifestyle going forward. 

Will Slater